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duminică, 26 iunie 2011

I didn't know that!!: Disney knockoffs

I didn't know that!!: Disney knockoffs: "Why do you have to make something great when you could simply copy and fool some costumers with a cheap and crappy knockoff? That is the way..."

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María spunea...

It's always better to be original and not copy right? It's what I think

Generally Disgruntled spunea...

Found my new calling in life: Ripping off other people's work. Time to get rich

Larisa spunea...

Yo creo que Rajoy quiere alegar algo sobre esto. Pero qué.

Ryan spunea...


Devour spunea...

Nice post!

Alê spunea...

Obrigada pela visita,

Volte sempre ao Let It Be,

Uma semana de muita paz,